Politi Spyridoula

Spiridoula Politi was born in Greece.
Studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, under N. Kessanlis (1983-1988), and attended Philosophy classes (1989-1991). She studied classic guitar in Athens National Conservatoire (1976-1982). She is a founding member of the Indoors group.
Since 2020 she has presented 11 solo shows.
2016 Made by Loula in Gr, Ekfrasi art gallery, Athens.
2015 Art means to dream, Palais Hirsch, Schwetzingen, Germany.
2014 Βack to the Matrix, project Exploding, Art Center Municipality of Athens.
2013 Reflections, Tsatsis Projects/Art Forum gallery, Thessaloniki.
2011 N. Smyrni – N. Kosmos, Fizz Art gallery, Athens.
2006 TinT gallery, Thessaloniki.
2004 7 Gallery, Athens.
2002, Art means to travel in the history of art, 7 Gallery, Athens.
1998 7 Gallery, Athens.
1995 7 Gallery, Athens.
1987 Athens gallery. Athens.

Participated in many group exhibitions, art actions and workshops in Greece, China, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus and USA.
Her artworks can be found at EMST, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rethymnon, at the F. Kostopoulos Foundation, at the Athens Municipal Art Gallery, at the Alexandroupolis Gallery, at the Averoff Metsovo Gallery, at the Florina Gallery, at the Vorres Museum, at the Alpha Bank and private collections. Lives and works in Athens.


Overview – Made by Loula in Gr

I paint clothes or I modify my clothes because through this process I feel I discover, I reveal myself within the society in which I live and interact.
Clothing testifies for its wearer even when the wearer is absent; it speaks of one’s class, both intellectual and economic, of one’s aesthetic.
In the process the forms end up gigantic, so that the clothes acquire a stateliness that comes to underscore the discipline, the severity, the superiority.
Then this imposing nature of the oversize clothes I paint lead me to the need to give titles to the works.
What I like about giving titles is that it feels as if I’m modifying the painterly aspect with contradictory messages, humour, self-sarcasm and irony.I feel that I change the painterly cohesion, the sequence, and I contradict myself, with the title sometimes mocking the ‘grandiose image’.
As for the overall title, Made by Loula in Gr, I could say it reflects my current reality as I experience it in Greece with all its problems.