Lyra Eleni

Eleni Lyra was born in Athens. She graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts (1993 – 1998) where alco completed her postgraduate studies at the department of Forms of Difital Art (2001 -2003 ). She has completed six solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad , including Art Athina 2004 with gallery 7, and as part of the Greece representation at ARCO Madrid 2004.
In 2001 she nominated for the DESTE award in the 2nd competition of Young Greek Artists of the foundation . In 2015 , in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Athens and tn the context of Athens Photo Festival, she exhibited the show “ the lamps of the angels”. Her works are in important private and public collections. She lives and works in Athens.


The staged and digitally manipulated photography is a reference point for the work of Eleni Lyra, who creates anthropocentric environments addressing both the issue of image and space. The artist tries to express a metaphysical aesthetics, that sometimes borrows elements from an Eastern and Byzantine iconography, while at times it also refers to the Renaissance and Baroque imagery. In using new digital media and photography, the artist is approaching traditional forms and archetypes by means of a completely modern methodology, thus creating a series of digital frescos, or murals where the fragmentary inlays are here replaced by the pixels of the virtual image.