Kassi Marigo

Born in Athens.
1972-1977     Degree in Painting, Athens School of Fine Arts, under N. Nikolaou,
                        L. Kanakakis, Y. Moralis. Degree in theoretical studies
1975-1978     Degree in Ceramic Art
1978-1979     Sojourn in Paris, studies in drawing
1989-1992     Postgraduate studies in painting on a Greek government (ΙΚΥ)
Other qualifications
2001  Seminar by Very Special Arts Hellas on teaching art to people with special needs


Solo exhibitions
2020   “Une liaison pornographique” Cube Gallery, Patras
2017   “Shreads”, Ekfrasi Gianna Grammatopoulou Gallery, Athens
2014   “The persistence of Spring” ,Eleni Marneri Gallery, Athens
2009   “Two X”, Installation, Medusa Art Gallery, Athens
2005   “Cutting –Sewing”, Installation, Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation, Nafplion
2002   “You look wonderful”, Gallery 3, Athens, Ekfrassi Gallery, Glyfada
1999   Gallery 3, Athens
1997   “After Goodbye”, Art Space 24, Athens
1996   “Hydromones “, Athens Art Gallery, Athens
            Zina Athnassiadou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
1993   “Imprints of Nature”, Art Space 24, Athens
            “The garden in Anavyssos”, Ariadne Art Space, Herakleion
1990   “The inner space”, “The tightrope walker”, Nees Morfes, Athens
1984   Painting, The Third Eye gal., Athens
1982   8th Meeting of Young Artists, Ora Cultural Centre, Athens (1st Painting Award)
2019   Allowed, The House of Cyprus, Athens, cur. Lina Tsikouta.
2019   Indoors, Where away, where away is the fox rushing of today?, performance,
            Lands of Creation a Tribute to Metsovo, E. Averoff Art Gallery Metsovo, cur. Lina Tsikouta
2013   Documentation of the installation “The National Garden”, Indoors + group,
            Platform Project, Art Athina
2013   “The National Garden”, Installation, Indoors + group, National of Contemporary Art, Athens
2012   Offshore project”, participation in the project organized by Philopappou group Meropi island,
            Kardamyli, Greece
2009   “Indoors is moving out”,  Installation, Old Ice Chambers Port, Biennale2 Thessaloniki
2008   “Indoors”, Art action in an Athenian flat Karneadou 34-36, Athens 
             Awarded a prize by the Greek A.I.K.A.
2007   Co-founded the group of visual artists “Indoors” together with V. Nomidou, S. Politi
            and M. Christea, Athens
Selected Group Exhibitions
2021   Greek Revolution, 200 years later, M. Kakogiannis Foundation, Athens,
            cur. Erato Chatzisavva – Giannis Bolis
2021   Weaving the Future IΙΙ, Municipal Gallery, Shkodër – Center for openness and dialogue,
            Tirana, Albania, cur. Efi Michalarou
2021   Weaving the Future, Municipal Galerry- G.I. Katsigras Museum– cur. Efi Michalarou
2019   Studios in time, Ten Women Visual Artists,  Frissiras Museum,| Athens, cur. Elli Leventaki
2019   Glimmerings, Bath House of the Winds, Plaka, Athens,  cur. Nike Daphne – Thanasis 
2018   Paper Moon, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethimnon, cur. Thalia Vlachopoulos
2017   Art on Paper_Paper Art, Cultural Foundation Pireaus Banl, cur. Luisa Karapidaki 
2017   Miniatures, Troupakis – Mourtzinos fortified complex, Old Kardamyli Mani, Greece
2017   Retracings and photographic archives: Archives of Life, Geni Tzami,Thessaloniki,
            cur. Angeliki Grammatikopoulou, Gabriella Uhl
2016   Fata Morgana, Festival Orange Water Art, Municipal Gallery Of Paros,
            Archeological Museum of Korinthos
2016   Retracings and photographic archives: Archives of Life, Municipal Gallery of Athens,
            cur. Angeliki Grammatikopoulou,Gabriella Uhl
2016   Whispers, Center of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, Greece, cur. Maria Marangou
2015   Whispers Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethymno , Greece cur. Maria Marangou
2015   Myconian traditional female dress – A study in Aegean culture,
            The Angelos and Leto Katakouzenos Foundation, Athens ,Greece, cur. Mina Karagianni
2015   There is a little girl somewhere here, 2 years anniversary for the  GR Design, Benaki museum,
            Athens, Greece
2014   To Stavros Ioannou – His friends, gallery Aenaon, curator C. Theofilis Athens
2012   “Health mobilizes Goslar”, participation in the workshop and exhibition
            in   the Goslarer Museum, Goslar, Germany
2012   “Tous vas bien”, Camp, Athens, curator Andreas Voussouras
2011   Permanent Collection 1, Olivepress Contemporary art Museum, Dromonero, Chania, Crete
2010   “Time, people and their stories”, central annex, Benaki Museum, Athens,
            Curator Manos Stefanidis
2009   Change of climate, studio G.Koumidis, Nicosia, Cuprus
2009   Design walk, performance in collaboration with the M&P office, Athens
2007   “trans-mission”, old primary school of Kardamyli, Curator Marina Lagou
2006   “Reverse selection”, old primary school of Kardamyli, Curator Lina Tsikouta
            “Egg’s encomium”, Medusa Art Gallery, Curator Maria Marangou, Athens
2005   “Surfacing – Realities”, Medusa Art Gallery, Curator Lina Tsikouta
2002   “Athens, disposable glimpses”, a.antonopoulou.art, Hellenic-American  
            College of Athens, as part of Photography Month; Curator Marina Fokidis
             “The 70s Generation, a first reading”, Frissiras Museum, Athens. Curator Manos Stefanidis
2001   Art Athina 9 ’01, Galerie 3, Hellexpo Exhibition Centre, Athens
2000   “Book Aroma”, Exhibition & book presentation, Patakis Editions; Art Space 24, Athens,
            Curator Michel Faiss
1997   “Focuses of the Gaze”, Larisa Centre for Contemporary Art. Curator Athena Schina
1996   Art-Athina 4 ’96, Zina Athnassiadou Art Gallery,  Athens Exhibition Centre, Athens
1995   “Kyra-Frossyni”, M. Kassi, M Zaboura, M. Vlahaki, Amymoni Contemporary Art Space, Ioannina
            “Tribute to El Greco”, National Gallery, Athens 
1994   “The loss of the form in space”, Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens. 
            Curator Eleni Vakalo, on the occasion of the publication of her book of the same title.
1993   “In Progress“, Stadtische galerie im Buntentor, Bremen, Germany
1992   “In Progress“, Centrum Beeldene Kunst, Groningen, Holland,
            Kulturzentrum pfl Oldenburg, Germany
1990   Variations in black and white, Kreonidis Art Gallery, Athens. Curator Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan
1989   “Europe d’art d’art”, Le rendez-vous des jeunes artistes Europeens, Quais de Sevres Niort, France
1987   “4 Women – 4 Presences”, French Institute, Athens. Curator Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan
1985   “Trace and writing”, Galerie Artio, Athens; Curator Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan 
            “Memories re-creations quests”, National Gallery, Athens, as part of the events
            for “Athens Cultural City of Europe”. Curator Haris Kambouridis, Nellie Misirli
Other professional activities
1988 – To the present   Teacher of painting to second-year students at 
                                            Vakalo College of Graphic and Interior Design 
2010 – To the present   Art Studies Module Leader
2004 – 2007                      Design of children’s clothes in association with the Gallerie Bebe,
                                            Eleni Marneri