Denaxa Marevi

  I was born in Athens, Greece.

  From the early childhood, I was got a film camera as a gift and started shooting. Always my interest was focused to the people. As I used to say, Life is too unexpected to need directions. Since 2013, I am studying photography. I have participated in international competitions – salons  with great success and in 2021 the “Federation Internationale  de lā€™ Art Photographic”, in which I am a member is going to honor me with the title of Artist of Photography. Also I am a member of  HPS ā€“ Greece  and ISF ā€“ France. Lots of my work has already published in magazines and I have participated in many exhibitions and I presented two solo exhibitions.

She obtained the title Artist of FIAP.She is member of the Asia Photographers Union titled as bronze Exhibitor of APU with distinction.